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 T&C'S* I am an equine sports massage therapist who works with a duty of care for you and your equines. I detect & treat muscular tension & related issues only.

* I am not a veterinarian & will not diagnose. I will recommend a veterinarian if deemed necessary outside my professional field.

 * My duty of care is to ask permission from vet before appointment if the horse is currently under their care for illness (veterinary surgeons act 1966) this can be obtained by owner or myself. 

* If horse is in good health vet permission is not needed for routine/maintenance/spa treatments. The horse will need to be registered with a vet prior to treatment & my consent form completed.

 * please be honest about your horses nature & willingness to be treated, I will try my best but will cease treatment if becomes dangerous, I am happy to work with you & your horse to help ease them into routine massage therapy sessions 😊
⭐ Payments & Cancellation Policy.

⭐Sometimes we need to cancel visits at short notice, all I ask is if you could kindly give as much notice as possible if you need to rearrange.

 * Cancellation less than 24hrs full treatment cost due.

* Cancellation over 48hrs no charge.

** Payments required by cash on day of visit or bank transfer the day before treatment ideally. I also accept PayPal (Ask for details)

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